10 Reasons You Need 10 Reasons

1. You’re bored

Yeah, you are probably really bored. What else is there to do all day?

2. Titles So Dramatic It’ll Make You Explode!!!

No, not really. You’ll probably find it mildly interesting and look for less that a few seconds. *Boom* I think I just exploded.
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3. Wow Look At All These Dog GIFs

I think this one speaks for itself.

dog gif

4. This Post Has So Many Likes It Must Be Great!

“I never get bored of these cute cats, but I think I have seen this same cat GIF in about 200 other posts. This is so last year. People need to stop liking this.”



5. ?????

The Mystery of what lies within. I can’t miss this list. I won’t miss this list. I bet all my friends have seen it. I bet they are laughing now. I need this.

6. Addiction

You are addicted to lists of 10 and should probably seek help. Soon.

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More. More lists. Please More lists.

7. 10 Things You Can Do With a Banana Skin

“I don’t think I’ll actually do any of these, but just in case I should make sure to read. I might get stuck on an island with just a banana skin…” – From Brain



Can you think of 1 more?

8. You Can Relate

Oh my gosh, YES YES, this is me all over.  I LOVE [insert something you love here]. Oh yeah I really  HATE [insert something you hate here]

*Begin Chant*




*End of chant*

I’m keeping the last 2 secret. You’ll have to live the rest of your life without knowing. Please do not contact me relating to this matter.