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Secure Your WordPress Site

There are millions of WordPress sites online currently. This makes it a big target for hackers, as an exploit can mean a large amount of sites can be attacked. Now I’m no security expert and by no means is this everything you should do, but I think I have the basics down and these are my […]

A Site For My Dog, Mr Blue

Some people might find it weird, some cool but I love my dog and I wanted to dedicate a site to him. I also wanted to try out OpenLiteSpeed so I thought this was a perfect opportunity to test it out. Speedtest:!/W4kUr/ This is also using CloudFlare to cache so isn’t really a test […]

Site Speed & Analysis Tools

There are some really good and free online speed tests from different companies. I have looked around the web and collected my favourites. Things to Consider with these tests Location. Make sure your site loads quickly for the target audience of your site. For example, if the target audience of your site is people in […]