HyperX headset reviews

HyperX are a well known brand for a wide range of PC and gaming accessories such as mice, keyboard and headsets. Recently my HyperX Cloud II microphone stopped working, however they were over 2 years old so I thought it was an acceptable period of time for them to last as they were around £60.00.

I decided to try a couple of the newer and more ‘premium’ headsets from Hyper X as the Cloud II was getting on a bit and I didn’t want to replace it with the same headset.

HyperX Alpha

The look of the HyperX Alpha is great and they have a more premium feel that the Hyper X Cloud II.


  • Premium look and feel
  • Good sound quality
  • Long connection lead


  • Microphone is too quiet, bit of a flaw on a gaming headset…
  • They smell like onion and garlic, even after multiple days and airing them. I’m unsure what has gone wrong here. It is a common problem if you Google it unfortunately.


The microphone was too quiet to put up with, with microphone boost up there was too much static. The smell of onions and garlic was bearable and maybe would of gone if I had used them for a few weeks.

Score: 6/10

HyperX Revolver

Oh dear HyperX, I’m unsure what has happened to the quality feel and fit that the Cloud II had. They have abandoned their good design for something ugly and poorly fitting.


  • Best microphone quality of all 3
  • Good sound quality


  • Extremely uncomfortable, they are far too large for my head and slip all the way down. There is unfortunately no adjustments on this headset so if they don’t fit there is nothing you can do.
  • Looks and feels the cheapest but is one of the most expensive out of the HyperX range.
  • Has a plasticy feeling, they should of used the rubberised finish like on the Cloud and Alpha.


HyperX have made an odd choice to provide a headset without the ability to adjust it to the size of your head. You need a large head to wear these headsets. It’s a shame they have this flaw as the sound and microphone are good but they are unwearable for over 15 mins for me.

Score: 4/10

HyperX Cloud II


  • The best of the 3
  • Good microphone
  • Good Sound
  • Very comfortable


  • Good Build quality but I have to say the alpha feels slightly more premium.


Skip the ‘newer’ and more ‘premium’ offers from HyperX and get the Cloud II. I wish they would release a Cloud III and improve the sound and microphone slightly, rather than starting a new line of worse products like the Revolver.

Score: 8/10

Closing thoughts

I’ve gone crawling back to the HyperX Cloud II (£70), there is a reason these are still produced even though HyperX have released newer models. They are also one of the top rated gaming headphones on Amazon. If you are looking for a decent gaming headset around the £60-70 get these.

Don’t bother with HyperX’s high end/ premium range clearly something has changed within the company after the release of the Cloud II. I believe where the issue lies is that that Revolver was made in house by HyperX and the Cloud II was made in partnership with another company, please correct me if I’m wrong in the comments. If you aren’t fussed about having a microphone built in then it’s best to avoid these kinds of gaming headsets all together.