Graduated (2014) with Computer Science BSc from The University of Sussex receiving an upper second class (2:1). I have over 5 years of experiencing building, maintaining and designing websites, with 2 years commercial experience.

Front End

Proficient in a variety of front end languages, design skills, libraries and tool. Experienced in using build tools and packages to create easy to maintain code that simplifies and speeds up development.

CSS3 HTML5 SEO Javascript Javascript Modules BEM Bootstrap sass LESS GSAP ScrollMagic skrollr npm npm scripts browserify gulp node-sass autoprefixer cleancss Photoshop Design Principles AJAX Wordpress Themes CSS & JS Animation HTML5 Video Responsive Mobile First React

Back End

Intermediate knowledge of variables, objects, abstraction, inheritance, loops, classes, MVP and other programming concepts in various programming languages. Experience with various software frameworks.

node.js Laravel Wordpress Security MySQL Wordpress Seucirty


The majority of freelance projects I have worked on I build from the ground up and run them on high performance VPS’s. I am able to build a site from scratch and provide all the server side services in between domain registration to launch.

Nginx Apache SSL DNS Cloudflare Domains Email VPS Dedicated Severs Server Configuration Caching Linux Security Hosting

Hobbies Gaming

I’m a big fan of computer games including Overwatch, Splatoon and League of Legends. Some of my non virtual hobbies include dog walking!


If you’ve got a new or existing project, perhaps you want to give your site a face lift then get in touch. Also have a look at my portfolio and the code of this site on github if your interested in seeing how I get things done. Email: [email protected]