Tomato Shibby Build Testing

Today I was sorting through my cupboard as I really needed a late spring clean, when I stumbled upon an old Belkin Play Max router. I remember I bricked this router a couple of years ago and never bothered trying to fix it.

Look at this bad boy

I have been using a Dir-615 (great router I must say with DD-WRT, over 100 days uptime) for awhile now but I wanted the option of 5GHz due to the 2GHz in this area becoming extremely crowded, pretty much everyone in my road has wifi now.

This was a great router to try and get Tomato working as I didn’t care much for it as it was already bricked and also supports dual-band so I could have 5GHz and 2GHz running at the same time. My Mum has some old laptop that only supports b/g and 2GHz, I like to call it a ducktop.

Here’s is a picture of a duck I took today

Also the chance to try out some new firmware always excites me!

So after I had got it into the recovery I flashed the latest Tomato build by Shibby.

My thoughts on Tomato

  • Very quick web interface, no lag at all
  • Lots of stats, I mean you can monitor everything.
  • Good set of advanced wireless features, I like to turn up the transmission power just a tad.

I’ll see how things go with this router based on if my family complain about downtime or slow internet.

There are so many other great things about Tomato, the above are just my limited scope of use. Read more here:

Ping and Speed Tests


These test are from my favourite place to sit, of course. Pretty decent since we are rated to get 37 Mb/s down. Ping seems decent from Frankfurt as well, excellent.