Making a gay dating app – SoulMale

Why another gay dating app?

Often we get asked:  “why are you making a gay dating app?” or “Why not just use [insert name of another app here]?”]

Me and Myles chose to make SoulMale – Gay Dating and Relationships as we saw that there was a distinct lack of choice in the gay dating market. This is  true especially when it comes to app’s aimed at finding love, long term dating and relationships. The gay dating market is dominated by hookup apps and short term gratification, though we have nothing against these apps we believe there is still enough space in the market for SoulMale.

Most gay dating apps are either buggy, guarded by paywalls or covered in obnoxious ads. We’ve stripped everything back, there are no paywalls or ads. Everything on SoulMale gay dating is completely free. We can’t be free forever, but if and when we do have to monetise at some point we will try to do it tastefully and so as to not ruin the user experience.

How we are different?

SoulMale is different as we are an extremely small team of two people, we currently have no one to answer to and we have no share holders to please yet. This allows us to make decisions quickly and rapidly develop SoulMale into a unique gay dating app.

We want to make a great dating app that involves the ideas of our user base – collecting their feedback and integrating it into SoulMale to improve it. There hasn’t been a single day in the past 3 months where we haven’t been working on ideas, marketing or code.

The global feed is an interesting way to allow users to interact in plain sight, outside of the direct messaging system. This allows users to get to know one another and see each others posts before ‘sliding’ into someones DMs.


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