Pillow Reviews

A sample of some of the pillows I tested.

I have tested around 15 pillows, I’ve only slept on 4 of the pillows as most failed preliminary tests.

My ideal pillow is:

  • Thin to Medium in thickness. I’m a front and side sleeper so this thickness suits me.
  • Has a slight doughy feeling, not too much though.
  • Doesn’t rebound instantly (like a cheap block of foam).
  • Not memory foam.
  • Soft to medium.
  • It should be relatively quiet when moved and not make a scrunching sound.

Pillows failed to make it to the sleep stage for the following reasons:

  • Too thick.
  • Too thin.
  • Too hard.
  • Too soft.
  • Internal stuffing doesn’t feel ‘nice’.

Obviously this is completely subjective and everyone’s opinion will vary greatly from pillow to pillow.

Below are the 4 that made the cut to the sleeping test.


Pillow 1

Name: Ultra Soft Micro fibre Pillow

Fill: Micro fibre
Cover: 100% cotton 300TC

The first pillow is one that I slept on in Bangkok at a hotel but I haven’t been able to get one while in the UK, even after contacting the supplier.

You can find it listed on this site: http://siamfeatherproducts.com/product_bedding_details.php?pageid=4

The site states they use Dowina luxury duvets and pillows but I am unsure which pillow it is on this site due to the discrepancy in the pillow naming: https://www.downia.com/ecommerce/pillows.html

I can’t comment on the durability as I only used it for 3 nights. I was also sleeping in hostels a lot before this hotel so maybe I am slightly bias towards this pillow.

Pillow Rating: 8.5/10


Pillow 2

Name: Homescapes – Super Microfibre Bounce Back Pillows

100% Super Micro Fibre casing and filling

Initially I liked this pillow and the duvet that I purchased from them in combination.

Later on I realised it was one of the worst pillows and duvets I have used. I believe this how they initially get good reviews on Amazon but after a few months the pillows became extremely lumpy, it separated into two distinct blocks inside the casing.

The duvet also became extremely lumpy. The filling clumped up into sections leaving some of the duvet thin and other parts too filled. This created hot and cold sections all over the duvet, unpleasant to say the least. I was extremely happy the day the duvet was finally gone.

I have thrown away the duvet and pillows now and cannot recommend them at all.

You can get the pillow here, but I do not recommend it: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Homescapes-Microfibre-Synthetic-Available-Sufferers/dp/B004WJGF86

Pillow Rating: 2/10


Pillow 3

Name: Heritage Abbey Pillow Soft

Cover: 100% cotton
Filling: Siliconised ball fibre filling

This was the one and only Mitre linen pillow that I thought was OK. I’ve tested around 9 Mitre Linen pillows and I don’t rate any of them highly. Though their pricing is good on some products and probably quite tempting if you are running a hotel, hostel or B&B. I’ve also purchased some duvet covers from them which are decent quality, better than their pillows.

This was my favourite from the Mitre Pillows and is a decent entry level pillow. You can get it here: https://www.mitrelinen.co.uk/heritage-abbey-pillow/p_gu461

Pillow Rating: 6/10


Pillow 4

Name: Ultimate Microfibre with Silk Pillows

Cover: 100% cotton 260TC
Filling: 90% Microfibre & 10% Tussah Silk

I believe you can make something magical by combining high quality microfibre and silk. It’s a tall order to get the combination perfect and this one misses the mark, only just.

The pillow has a lovely doughy feeling and squashes nicely. I think this pillow could be perfected by either increasing the filling or altering the silk to microfibre ratio to make it just a tad more firm.

This is my favourite pillow that can be acquired in the UK easily that I have tried so far and is currently the one I use daily. I’ll probably stick to using this pillow for now unless something better comes along. The durability is good and I have been using it for over 6 months with no noticeable separation or lumpiness.

I also tested their 100% silk pillow and it is slightly too firm for me, though I think I could of got used to it.

You can get the pillow here: https://www.soakandsleep.com/ultimate-microfibre-pillow.html

Pillow Rating: 8/10


Final Words

None of these links are referrals. I purchased all the pillows at the RRP. I have no affiliation or loyalty to any company.

Everyone will have a slightly different opinion on the feel and comfort of a pillow so it is hard to recommend a pillow that everyone likes.

If you have any suggestions for pillows I should try out, please post them in the comment section and i’ll look into getting it. I’d be interested in some silk and microfiber suggestions.