PC Specialist Review – Warning do not buy from them

I purchased a Lafité II on the 27-11-2015 from PC Specialist and received it late December 2015. I was rather disappointed with the laptop after receiving it as it feels and looks cheap. The metal finish quickly became marked and scratched after a few months of what I believe to be careful usage. The metal edges are also quite harsh and feel slightly sharp rather than being smooth as I excepted.

You can find reference to the sharp edges here and how they are fixed in their III model, shame on you PC Specialist for not offering Lafité II buyers a resolution to this issue: https://www.bit-tech.net/reviews/tech/laptops/pc-specialist-lafite-iii-review/1/

After 4/5 months the laptop developed a screen and track pad issue. I found this rather surprising for such a new product to develop two separate issues within 6 months, I thought I was unlucky! The screen would flicker and randomly turn off, this continued to get worse until the screen no longer turned on at all. The track pad would persistently become stuck when left or right clicked. I request a RMA on the 28/06/2016 which cost me I believe approx ~£35. PC specialist should of covered the fee for this RMA due to the how soon the issue occurred, however they did not.

Now I was without my laptop for over a week. I used my laptop for working from home, emailing etc. so It was extremely frustrating to be without a computer. However, I expected that once I received the laptop back the issues would be resolved permanently.

Once I received the laptop back it was OK for around 11 months before the issue with the screen returned. I contacted PC Specialist customer service again and was offered a free RMA but decided to open up the laptop to check the laptop. The fix they have performed was some kind of glue that tries to hold the cable in place, this seemed rather shoddy and more of a patch than a permanent fix. The glue had become unattached which is probably why the screen had stopped working again. I unplugged the screen cable and reconnected it, lo and behold the screen started working again.
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Every few weeks now I have to remove the laptop cover, disconnect and reconnect the screen cable. The track pad issue had also reappeared where the track pad will occasionally get stuck I’m not sure what they would of done on the second RMA, but I imagine it would of involved more glue. One of my friends laptop who had the same issue had a small piece of black tape applied to the cable in a attempt to hold the screen cable in place, unfortunately laptops heat up and most adhesives and tape will slowly come undone. It seems like a design flaw in this laptop, the cable should really clip into place and be held in place by the slot it is connected to.

Nice glue attempt PC specialist

Another issue with the laptop is that it is impossible to turn off the back light on the keyboard permanently, it switches itself back on after being turned off. If anyone has a fix for this please let me know.

I know two other people with this laptop who have also experienced their screen cable disconnecting inside the laptop, though the fix is relatively easy by unplugging and reconnecting the cable it is time consuming and shows that this issue is likely widespread on the Lafité  range but PC Specialist refused to tell me if they’d had other laptops returned for this issue.

Overall I recommend to avoiding PC Specialist and especially the Lafité range due to the experience I have had with customer service and their poorly constructed products. I wanted to warn people who are having the same issue with the Lafité that you are not alone, please let me know if you have the same issue. It would be interesting to see how many other people are having the screen cable disconnect issue!
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There is a thread here with multiple people experiencing the same issue: https://www.pcspecialist.es/forums/showthread.php?45571-Lafite-screen-problems


Another laptop I got from PC Specialist in 2012 they didn’t put any screws on the hard drive to hold it in place, so the hard drive would slide out of the connector giving me an error when I tried turning it on. How the laptop passed quality control at PC Specialist is beyond me. I will never buy a product from them again, nor recommend them to anyone.

Here is a snippet of the email thread.